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We are Sticky Mat specialists with expertise in the industry that only comes with experience. Unlike other companies, we focus solely on providing reliable, top-quality Sticky Mats. Here at Clean Stick Mats, we understand the importance of a healthy, clean environment whether at home, in the laboratory or at the work site. We are dedicated to offering exceptional products, providing outstanding service, and above all delivering results.


Fighting Contaminants

line A Clean Stick Mat covered in dirt after use.

Contaminants are dirt and bacteria that can be potentially dangerous to health and hazardous to production. Learn why these contaminants cause problems both at home and at work.

The Clean Stick Solution

line Dirt and contaminants removed from the tread of shoes.

Using special anti-microbial adhesives, our sticky mats both remove dirt from the underside of shoes and inhibit the growth of bacteria simultaneously. Simply place one of our mats at the entrance to yout home, office or laboratory to greatly improve health and decrease faulty or contaminated products. Less cleaning, greater efficiency, money saved; it's that simple.


line Cleanroom laboratory where even small levels of contaminants can ruin production.

Beyond keeping your home clean, our sticky mat products are used across a broad range of industies. These include manufacturing, healthcare, construction, cleanrooms, laboratories and athletics. Learn more about how a Clean Stick Mat can help your home or business stay clean and smart.


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